Boulder’s Boulders

Jun 11, 2018

One of the best parts of moving to Colorado has been our ability to see something new almost every day & explore the landscape of a place that seemed so far away as a kid. Living less than an hour from the Rockies means an endless source of destinations & weekend trips. Our most recent trip was to explore Boulder & the Flatirons which landed us on Flagstaff Mountain. We didn’t even know where we were going when we first started driving & ended up on a two-hour hike up the mountain. Baseline Rd. runs through Boulder, past CSU, through a historic neighborhood & starts up the mountain. There are multiple places along the road to pull over & kick off your hike.

 I liked this aspect of it because you could return to the same mountain a bunch of times and never do the same hike twice. The trail crosses the road every 1/4 mile or so & has multiple forks and options along the way. Crossing the road pretty frequently gives this hike a Frogger-like feel which kept it interesting. When we reached a little picnic area we decided to stop & take in the sky-view of the city. We were standing on boulders, surrounded by boulders, looking at Boulder when a man who was bouldering came around the 50-60ft boulder next to us. He looked like a spider coming around the rock with seemingly no place to grip & we were worried he was going to fall. And then… he fell. We rushed over to help him but he insisted he had never fallen before and was fine, then proceeded to tell us the history of the area & the age of the rocks we were standing on. Did you know the Rockies will be flat in a few million years?

I discovered my favorite part of Flagstaff Mountain after we finished the hike and continued to drive further up. We found a lookout you can pull off to with a small parking lot. We didn’t immediately see a “lookout” with a big view so we walked through some trees to find a huge stack of boulders that we started climbing over. Once we got to the top of the stack, it became clear why there was a designated parking lot for this place. We fell upon the most beautiful view I think I’ve seen so far with an instant overwhelming serenity. You could see the tree-covered mountain we were on connect to the next and beyond into what looked like infinity. Aside from the scattered house or two, it seemed untouched by man & served as a perfect testament to the beauty of Colorado.

We really enjoyed this trip & when my dad came to visit a week or so later, him & I decided to go back so he could experience it as well. This leads me to say, if you ever find yourself in Boulder, go check out what Flagstaff Mountain has to offer. X